Candidates for Zoom!® Tooth Whitening – Lansing, Waverly

When you have teeth that are dingy, discolored, or stained in some way, it can drastically affect the appearance of your smile. Luckily, there is a fine solution to this problem that’s available at our Lansing practice. It’s called Zoom!® teeth whitening. Many people are actually good candidates to undergo this dental bleaching treatment. During your visit with Dr. Scott Stone, he will be able to assess your candidacy and devise a treatment plan just for you. Right now, we’d like to just cover the basics.

Eligibility for Zoom!® Teeth Whitening

Ideal candidates for Zoom!® teeth whitening are people who are in generally good dental health save for some stains on their teeth or general discoloration of their smile. These prospective patients need to have realistic expectations about dental bleaching treatment and understand the risks and benefits involved in Zoom!® teeth whitening. When a patient is well-informed and has realistic expectations, it’s more likely that the patient will have a positive treatment experience.

Realistic Expectations – What That Means for Patients

Dental bleaching is remarkably effective and our patients throughout the Lansing area are pleased with the results of Zoom!® teeth whitening. Yet they also understand that dental bleaching has certain limits. For example, sometimes tooth discoloration or major dental stains cannot be removed with Zoom!® teeth whitening. In these sorts of cases, alternative treatments must be considered.

In addition, sometimes the staining or discoloration of a tooth will require multiple teeth whitening treatments rather than just one. This hold true as well for additional Zoom!® teeth whitening treatments years in the future.

People Who May Not Be Good Candidates for Teeth Whitening

In general, people who are not good candidates for Zoom!® teeth whitening are those who have severe tooth decay or serious damage to their teeth. Prior to undergoing any kind of cosmetic treatment, the structure and health of the tooth will first need to be restored.

Patients who have sensitive gums or sensitive teeth may not be good candidates for Zoom!® teeth whitening either. Tooth sensitivity is common after Zoom!® teeth whitening treatment, so ideally we want to avoid another that would make the sensitivity more acute.

Alternatives to Zoom!® Teeth Whitening

Since Zoom!® teeth whitening is not ideal for all people, we’ll be more than happy to discuss alternative treatments during your consultation. Some possibilities include porcelain veneers and dental bonding. Both of these treatment options will help mask stains from view.

Schedule a Zoom!® Teeth Whitening Consultation in Lansing

Many people are good candidates for Zoom!® teeth whitening. It’s such a safe, effective, and popular way to brighten up your smile. If you would like to find out if you qualify for this exceptional dental bleaching treatment, contact our Lansing practice for Zoom!® teeth whitening today. Dr. Stone and the entire team here look forward to your visit.

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