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Rather than using the traditional dental handpieces that spray water, vibrate and emit high-pitched whirls of noise, to complete procedures such as fillings, crowns and bridges, and preparing a tooth for root canal therapy, the use of our Waterlase® dental laser eliminates all of the uncomfortable aspects associated with traditional dental techniques.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry will Astound You

Laser dentistry is a revolutionary advancement that utilizes precise dental lasers to complete traditional dental treatments safely and efficiently.

The list of benefits that we are able to offer our Lansing patients through the use of laser dentistry is quite simply our greatest gift to you.  Dr. Scott Stone is pleased to provide laser dental procedures with no additional cost to you.

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Effectiveness of Laser Dentistry

Laser dental technology provides Dr. Stone with a great deal of precision when assessing and treating the various structures of the mouth which makes laser dentistry highly effective in diagnosing and treating dental disease.

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Patient Safety and Comfort

Laser Dentistry is extremely safe while offering a great deal of patient comfort.  Lasers eliminate the noise and discomfort associated with traditional dental handpieces but is completely safe for both the patient and the dental staff.

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What Type of Dental Treatments Utilize Dental Lasers?

You will be surprised to learn about all of the treatments that Dr. Stone can now preform using a dental laser.  From diagnosing dental disease to preparing a tooth for root canal therapy, laser dentistry is quickly becoming a sought after procedure in Lansing.

Find Out What Dental Treatments Can Now be Completed Using a Dental Laser

Dr. Scott Stone welcomes you to contact his Lansing dental office to schedule an appointment to tour our office and meet with his to discuss your dental concerns and to learn whether or not laser dentistry is right for you.

We welcome new patients without a referral, and do look forward to meeting you and your family.

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