About DIAGNOdent®

The DIAGNOdent® laser is a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool used to diagnose tooth decay.  The DIAGNOdent® consists of a unit display and a small handpiece that’s about the size of an electric toothbrush. Using the numbers on the unit display, Dr. Stone and his team members can identify various levels of decay on each individual tooth.


How DIAGNOdent® Works

During a routine check-up Dr. Stone uses the DIAGNOdent® handpiece is to closely examine each one of your teeth. The tip of the handpiece contains a laser that will bounce light off the various surfaces of the tooth, sending a reading to the display unit which converts the finding in to a number.  Based on a specific scale, these numbers tell Dr. Stone whether or not even the smallest of cavities are manifesting.  Pre-diagnosing potential cavities allows Dr. Stone to observe and monitor these closely, preventing the decay from progressing into large cavities.


The Benefits of DIAGNOdent®

Using the DIAGNOdent® offers a painless diagnosis.  The laser from the handpiece is also completely harmless. The DIAGNOdent® absolutely will not damage the teeth or any of the soft tissues of the mouth.

Dr. Stone uses DIAGNOdent® in conjunction with dental x-rays and traditional diagnostics, which allows his to perform an extremely accurate assessment of your mouth. Generally, DIAGNOdent® increases cavity detection by 90%

Given the accuracy of DIAGNOdent® combined with other diagnostic methods, any guesswork related to cavity detection is virtually eliminated. Small cavities and even the start of tooth decay can be dealt with as needed. This means less loss of healthy tooth structure from dental filling treatment and better cavity prevention.


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