Effectiveness of Laser Dentistry

Laser dental technology provides Dr. Stone with a great deal of precision when assessing and treating the various structures of the mouth which makes laser dentistry highly effective in diagnosing and treating dental disease.

How Effective is Laser Dentistry?

The overall effectiveness of any type of dental treatment is the key to ensuring that aptients are receiving the highest quality of care. The techniques and tools used by Dr. Stone when treating his Lansing patients must be accurate, safe, and able to provide optimal results. It’s for this reason that Dr. Scott Stone has incorporated laser dentistry technology into his practice.

What Makes Laser Dentistry So Effective in Treating Dental Disease?

Laser dentistry is able to provide Dr. Stone with superior precision when assessing and treating the various structures of the mouth.

Diagnostic lasers allow for added accuracy when identifying dental problems such as tooth decay and leaking feelings.  Hard tissue and soft tissue lasers are extremely precise allowing Dr. Stone to pinpoint problem areas, without affecting healthy soft tissue and tooth structure.


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We welcome new patients without a referral, and do look forward to meeting you and your family.


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