Laser Dentistry and Soft Tissue Treatments


The versatility of Waterlase® allows it to be used to treat many soft tissues concerns in the mouth.  Treating the gums, under the tongue, and the insides of the cheeks means that Dr. Stone can offer periodontal services in his Lansing practice.  The United States Food and Drug Administration have approved the use of Waterlase® for a wide range of dental treatments including soft tissue treatments.


The following are just some common soft tissue treatments that Waterlase® can be used to perform:

  • Treatment of ankyloglossia (tongue tie)
  • Treatment of gum disease
  • Treatment of various oral sores
  • Removal of dental pulp
  • Removal of diseased or inflamed soft tissue
  • Crown lengthening


The Benefits of Waterlase® Soft Tissue Treatment

Waterlase® has a unique property in that it sterilizes and cauterizes while cuts the tissue.  There is virtually no bleeding during dental treatment with Waterlase® and the risk of infection during treatment is reduced.  The recovery period after dental treatment is more comfortable for patients because they are less likely to experience swelling and discomfort.

Since Waterlase® is very safe and precise at the same time; there is a generally no need for dental local anesthetic (freezing). This amounts to less pain, less time for patients to be in the chair, and faster healing once the treatment has been completed.


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