About Waterlase®

Waterlase® is a versatile dental laser that is used to preform dental procedures on both the soft and hard tissues of the mouth. The Waterlase® handpiece uses a gentle stream of water along with precise laser pulses which will cut hard and soft tissue with great accuracy. The United States Food and Drug Administration approved the use of Waterlase® for cutting tooth structure in 1998 and have since approved its use for a number of various dental treatments.


Waterlase® Safety

Waterlase® is an extremely precise system which is completely safe for patients. The laser of the Waterlase® is highly focused and only affects matter that is one millimeter away. You can point the Waterlase® handpiece at the wall and nothing will happen at a distance. You can even point the handpiece at your own finger, and be completely safe when outside of the focused, extremely short range of the laser.


What Waterlase® is used for?

Since Waterlase® is able to cut through both hard and soft tissue safely and effectively, it can be used for a variety of dental treatments.  For soft tissue treatments, it can be used to treat gum disease, address sores in the mouth, and remove dental pulp during root canal treatment.  For hard tissue treatments, Waterlase® is able to accurately remove tooth decay, prepare a tooth for dental fillings, and prepare a tooth for root canal therapy.


Learn more about the soft tissue laser dentistry treatments available using Waterlase®

Learn more about the hard tissue laser dentistry treatments available using Waterlase®


What Does Waterlase® Treatment Feel Like?

The Waterlase® dental laser differs from conventional dental handpieces tremendously.  Waterlase® allows patients to experience literally no pain or pressure while it’s in use.  Because the Waterlase® laser is used with a consistent spray of water, there is no heat or friction generated. Patients usually report a light tapping sensation on their teeth, and instead of the high-pitched whir of a drill, they hear a faint clicking sound.


The Benefits of Waterlase®

One of the benefits of Waterlase® laser that Dr. Stone’s patients love the most is that it reduces the need for local dental anesthetic 9dental freezing). This amounts to less discomfort for our patients and dental procedures that are virtually pain-free.  Patients also spend less time in the dentist’s chair, thanks to the efficiency of Waterlase®.

Another benefit for patients of Dr. Stone is the improved healing and recovery they experience after soft tissue treatments. The Waterlase® sterilizes and seals incisions as it cuts. There is virtually no bleeding during a soft tissue treatment which causes less swelling and discomfort in the days after a procedure is completed.

The Waterlase® dental laser is the remarkable tool that Dr. Stone is pleased to use in order to preform laser dentistry procedures.  With the capability to preform both hard and soft tissue dental procedures, Waterlase® is truly an invaluable tool.


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