Levels of Dental Sedation Dentistry at Our Lansing Area Practice

Sedation dentistry can ease your anxiety and make it possible to visit the dentist without fear or worry. Yet patients need to keep in mind that not every method of sedation yields the same results. There are different levels of dental sedation, and Dr. Scott Stone can determine which level is right for you when you visit our practice serving Lansing. The levels of sedation dentistry are covered briefly below. We’d be happy to discuss these at greater length during your visit to Smiles by Stone.

Light Sedation (Anxiolysis)

Anxiolysis refers to a level of light sedation, which is ideal for treating the psychological and physical symptoms of mild anxiety. The use of nitrous oxide sedation during your visit can achieve this level of light dental sedation.

Moderate Sedation (Conscious Sedation)

Conscious sedation is a level of moderate dental sedation. While undergoing conscious sedation, the patient will be conscious and able to respond to Dr. Stone, but in a state of deep relaxation. Both oral sedation and IV sedation can achieve this level of sedation.

Which Level of Dental Sedation is Right for Me?

Determining the best level of sedation dentistry for you and your needs is something that cannot be done online. It’s best to visit our practice serving Lansing for a dental sedation consultation with Dr. Stone.

In general, anxiolysis is ideal for minor anxiety or worry. Moderate and deep sedation are best for those with dental anxiety and dental phobia or other issues that may make undergoing dental care difficult. Unconsciousness sedation is good for major oral surgeries, such as wisdom tooth extraction or the placement of dental implants.

Learn More About Sedation Dentistry Near Lansing

Dental sedation makes dental care a reality for people who are anxious about dental visits, have trouble holding still, have a poor gag reflex, and so on. If you’re looking for a relaxed experience at the dentist’s office, it may be the answer you’re looking for. For more information about the various ways sedation dentistry can help you, contact our practice for dental sedation near Lansing today.

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